My name is Matthew Thomas and I have very little idea what I am doing and that's what makes this fun. I started shooting Polaroid film in 2010 when I was introduced to it by someone I admired dearly.  We both leaped into instant film heads first with Impossible Project PX-70 film and an overpriced rainbow SX-70. Qucikly thereafter we began consuming any and all Polaroid film we could find.

By shooting instant film it forged a road into all other film formats. Like most film photographers I have had far to many cameras to recall them all. After shooting hundreds of photographs, some good, some not so good; I still get excited when the I receive my negatives and prints back. 

I came up with the name "Burntcorners" from the corners of instant film that sometimes don't develop. I have always enjoyed the flaws and successes off all film shooting so hence the name. Also, I needed something for my Instagram account when I set it up and this just came to me.