Ca$h for Your Polaroids

      After the success of the Fifty Free Cameras Project, this year I thought I would see how far I could expand the 2018 project by adding more people and a wider variety of instant photos.

     I was sitting at work daydreaming, and then it came to me. I thought of the classic signs that were/are hung throughout New York City trying to find Warhols for sale. I decided I would lift their idea and gently set it back down with mine attached. Then Ca$h for Your Polaroids was born. 

     I thought I could offer people a few  two-dollar bills (because they're just cool looking), stickers, any other thing I can find, (including a t-shirt from my t-shirt collection, a painting, or some candy, and some of the actual photos that help create last year's project. Plus, what am I going to do with all of these photographs people have sent me? 


If you'd like to contribute to the project the rules for photos are simple.

There aren't any.



I would like any photo, from any year, with any subject matter regardless of the "quality" of the photo. A blurry photo of you and your family circa 1983, standing outside while you wear a sleeveless #22 jersey with a mullet is gladly accepted. Be creative.  Have you ever thought about taking your photo apart, or putting it in a microwave. Why not paint on it or cover it in glitter.

      Now make note that I am not going to send your photos back, so don't send family heirlooms or that one Polaroid of an alien giving you a high5, actually send that one; I will send that one back, but only that one. I am going to scan it and post it on the website, then put it in the next book for 2018 of all of the collected Polaroids from around the world. If you have any questions, drop me a line; I always reply.